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Last Updated: June 2019
AVALUNCH Community Services A Local Charity Supporting Our Local Community
Avalunch is a Registered Charity. No: 1120362
Telephone: 01709 577688 Email: info@avalunch.org.uk
Community Cafe
The Avalunch Community Cafe is open every Wednesday from 12:00 noon until 1:30 pm and everyone is welcome. The cafe is not just a place to eat; it is also a social centre where people can get together and meet friends old and new. The cafe often hosts information sessions by public agencies and voluntary organisations, which helps keep customers informed of new and/or changing services. You can choose from a range of delicious, nutritious meals; all at an affordable price. Click on the link 'Sample Menus' to find out the types of meals and desserts we offer. Our prices are: Main meal - £3.00 Dessert - £1.00 The Community Cafe is open 48 weeks of the year, closing for 2 weeks in August and 2 weeks over the Christmas period.