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Last Updated: August 2018
AVALUNCH Community Services A Local Charity Supporting Our Local Community
Avalunch is a Registered Charity. No: 1120362
Telephone: 01709 577688 Email: info@avalunch.org.uk
About Us (2)
Our People We are committed to providing you with a professional friendly service. All our staff and volunteers have been carefully selected and all our drivers are police checked (DBS). All our drivers wear a uniform and their vehicles are fitted with signage displaying our community logo so that you can be confident that they are from Avalunch. Our Food All our meals are prepared adhering to all current hygiene regulations and backed by our quality management system. Our commitment to high standards are reflected in our five star food hygiene rating from Doncaster Council. How to Order or Contact Us Our order service is quick and easy, just call our friendly and helpful staff on the number above and they will deliver an order form and price list or answer any questions that you may have. Volunteers The majority of our helpers are volunteers and we are always looking to recruit more. If you could spare a few hours a week to help us with this worthwhile cause please give us a call, we would love to hear from you. Funding Avalunch is a non-profit organisation and we are very dependent on the generosity of others to fund our service. If you can offer any assistance to us please give us a call.