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Last Updated: 19th March 2020
Avalunch is a Registered Charity. No: 1120362
Avalunch Community Services Baptist Church and Community Centre Hollingworth Close Mexborough S64 0PQ
19th March 2020 Inview of the current situation and the advice issued by the Goverment we have no choice but to stop our Home Deliveries and Community Cafe with immediate effect and for the foreseeable future. It has been a privilege and our pleasure to serve the communities of Mexborough and Denaby for the past 20 years and we are deeply saddened to have to take this action. Realistically we are unlikely to be able to restart this service in its current format due to the age of the majority of our volunteers and the decline in our customer base, problems that we have have been trying to address for the last couple of years. We are hopeful that this may happen but can not give any reassurance at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation and consider options for the future and if there are any significant develoments we will post updates here, so please call back from time to time. We all now face a difficult and uncertain future and we can only hope that we all come through it unscathed.